Board & Annual Meetings

Welcome to the Frognot WSC

The Annual Meeting

The 2018 Annual Member Meeting for Frognot WSC will be held at the Blue Ridge Community Center, located at 200 Tilton Street, Blue Ridge, Texas. The meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, April 20th. Please scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.


You are welcome to attend our monthly board meetings. Please contact Robert Todd to confirm the meeting date and time. Monthly meeting dates and times are at the discretion of the majority of incumbent Board members.

Meeting Location:  Frognot Office
                               408 W. FM 545, Suite 3
                               Blue Ridge, TX  75424

Frognot WSC is required by our by-laws to meet monthly. Frognot WSC Board of Directors welcomes anyone who has questions.


Celebrating 50 Years
The Annual Member Meeting for Frognot Water Supply.  It all begin in 1965 when Frognot Water Supply was Incorporated.  Now, fifty years later, on April 4, 2015, sixty people come to celebrate fifty years as the Frognot Water Supply Corporation.  The celebration took place at the 981 water well (14560 FM 981) where a historical marker was unveiled by Linda Hess from the Collin County Historical Commission.  Our special thanks to Linda and Lydia Brandt, former Frognot Director, for their efforts to get the marker in place for this celebration.

Paula Ross, Chairman for the Collin County Historical Commission, County Commissioner Chris Hill and Mike Webb were also our guests at the celebration.  Mike Webb is the son of Truman Webb who was the first General Manager for Frognot from 1965-1987.  Dois, Truman’s oldest son, was ill and unable to attend this ceremony.  The unveiling began with a welcome from Paula Ross, invocation by Harold Hitzfeld, greetings from Robert Todd, special music by Jim Bowling and reflections from Mike Webb.  There were also special family members represented at the celebration.  Some of the first families involved in Frognot Water were represented at this event by Johnny Williams, Charlotte (Williams) Todd, Patricia (Wilson) Padgett, Mike Webb and Joyce Scott. Their parents and grandparents were some of the first water customers to purchased water meters.

It was the perfect day, with good weather, and a picnic lunch for everyone who attended.  

Following the celebration the annual business meeting for 2015 was convened by Robert Todd to elect Bill Luckett to serve a three year term as a Board of Director, with Janet Parsons serving another two years and Jack Knight another three year term.  Also discussed were the financial conditions of the corporation and questions were answered about water conservation.